Nike X Jordan commercial, January 2019.

Nike X Jordan commercial, January 2019.

Joseph is a First Assistant Cameraman & first generation Peruvian American. His father was a photojournalist and his mother, an architect in Lima, Peru.

His career began by applying to transfer to his dream film school and being rejected. Nevertheless, he worked his way onto film sets and within a year landed his first Union feature as a film loader. Climbing up the ranks he was trained as a 2nd Assistant by some of the top camera crews in the commercial and feature world prior to moving into focus pulling.

He enjoys the organizational and leadership aspects of being a 1st AC and is constantly working towards improving his craft. When he’s not obsessing over work, he enjoys traveling & squatting his friends (sometimes both at the same time), playing the drums, and salsa dancing.

Based in Los Angeles, available to travel.